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A friend Dwain Thompson & yours truly decided to start a mountain man club in the spring of 1973 as I had 200 acres to use for our activities (family farm of unusual hill side). We both knew guys that would be interested, a meeting was held & our club was started - referred to as "The Buckhorn Skinners" (named for the canyon we lived in, the Buckhorn Canyon) which  was used by a famous mountain man/trader Mario Medina who lived near-bye & hunted in this area (carrying a Hawken rifle). (327548)


Having read & knew about the rifles built by the Hawken brothers & begin raised in the Chester & Lancaster counties in PA. I knew about them & the Leman guns. There were always articles in my father's collector magazines about these early eastern gun builders.

I purchased my first GRRW rifle after shooting a friend's, & little did we know what we were getting into? This relation with the GRRW brand started in 1973 when reading an article in "Buckskin Report" the previous year catching my interest. At the time I was a blanket trader carrying the usual items found in the magazines like the "Report"; TC's Hawken rifles, CVA's different models were the hot guns to have along with H&B hawks (nothing really special).

"The Camp Blanket" was no different than 1000's of others, but we did get mentioned by Richard House "Beau Jock" in an issue of the "Buckskin Report" for having quality goods. Neat but I needed to have something others weren't carrying, something like the GRRW rifle was the answer. I had picked up a GRRW Leman Trade Rifle #1xx ?, "Trapper" had a GRRW Hawken #H004, Dwain  knew Greg Roberts of GRRW living in Nederland & we both knew Doc White from rendezvous.

Another friend that owned a shop in Ft. Collins CO & myself contacted Greg Roberts for the first of many GRRW firearms that passed through our hands. In those early years we bought, sold or traded GRRW firearms all the time, a little higher in price over others mentioned, but sold twice as fast.


In 1980 I changed directions & decide to update the old homestead on the property with a new store front opening in '81. The "Camp Blanket" is now called "Buckhorn Rendezvous" with a permanent location, not just the trade blanket or trade tent of the past. Needless to say the old blanket trade faded away once the store had gotten known. GRRW guns were getting harder to get, whether new or used, we just kept working with what we could get.

LATE 2015


In November 2015 a friend told me about a free newsletter called "The Green River Gazette", I subscribed & started reading about the old history of GRRW. Then the GRRW Collector pictures started to appear, next thing I know I get talked into building a website for the GRRW brand of old. Made the mistake of having an email contact, then the questions started, so I added a comment page. Several of the former employees of GRRW started taking part with their remarks, that's really neat to see their names again. Ron Paull & myself started emailing about the fun times at GRRW, then I mentioned it would be great to see the old employees together building again, he had been thinking the same thing.





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